First Community of Practice (CoP) for Development Practitioners and Professionals in Belize Held

26th September 2019, Belmopan: BELIZE

The global push for the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) makes the need for stronger, more focused partnerships across sectors and among professionals crucial. In the face of perpetually limited capital, professional partnerships and greater, more meaningful collaboration can help to identify, pool, mobilise, and inform the (re)distribution of resources in the most effective and efficient ways. Belize’s Development Practitioners and Professionals are cognizant of their role in these processes. 

The Development Sector in Belize is sufficiently broad with a relatively diverse set of skills and expertise including, social, political, environmental and natural resource scientists, engineers, social workers, economists, project and programme managers, to mention a few. The one-day meeting provided an opportunity for participants to meet actors in the development field, to stimulate discussions on the development outlook for Belize, share experiences, build networking opportunities, and establish and activate a Community of Practice (CoP) that enhances the professional and intellectual engagement of its members.  

The Centre for Applied Development Studies (CADS) aimed to generate and promote thought leadership on knowledge and practices that could galvanise sustainable actions at multiple levels of development planning and programming. 

The participants committed to continuing the momentum that was generated by this premiere meeting. You can view the agenda of the meeting here. The next meeting is scheduled to be conducted on 31 October, 2019. 

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