Team Building Workshop for Effective Communication in the Workplace

Team Building Workshop for Effective Communication in the Workplace

On November 16, 2019, Centre For Applied Development Studies facilitated a team building workshop at ITVET in Belize City with GraceKennedy Belize Warehouse Staff. The main objective of the workshop was to improve team dynamics using effective communication skills. 

The staff was introduced to different methods with which they could build rapport with customers and colleagues. They also learned how to interpret customers’ preferences, respond appropriately to their queries and communicate the needs of the customer to their respective chain of command. 

The workshop was highly participatory and the staff dramatised various scenarios that they were likely to encounter with customers. In teams, the participants were also able to develop specific communication strategies to provide on-demand, accurate  answers to customers whom they often meet as they make deliveries in the community. The groups sharpened their public speaking skills since they were asked to make presentations to their colleagues. In turn, they received feedback on their presentations and gave suggestions on ways to strengthen their communication and on alternatives to different products that could be offered for the specific needs of the customer. 

In groups, the staff  conducted their evaluation for each  group activity and shared this with the larger group.  At the end of the training, the warehouse team discussed key lessons learned during the workshop.

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