Internship Opportunity-Closed




Research Assistant: Centre for Applied Development Studies (CADS)

The Research Assistant (RA) supports the office of the Director of the Centre for Applied Development Studies. With supervision from this office, the RA is responsible for sourcing and organising seminal literature, reports, and other resource materials, that will contribute to the population of an online repository of scholarly work and development related studies on the Caribbean.

Related Duties: The RA will have principal responsibilities for collating and organizing the resources required to populate an online collection of secondary information, reports, and data for research and studies on the Caribbean. This may include the following and/or related duties:

● Develops categories of resource materials and locates the most recent versions per Caribbean country.
● Establishes contacts with primary organisations or entities for e-copies of signature publications, reports and other related materials.
● Organises and prepares templates for uploading of documents by website administrator.
● Meets with Director or supervisor on regular basis to maintain ongoing communication regarding the quality of the assistant’s performance.
● Performs other related duties as required.


Qualifications: Education and Experience

Post-secondary studies, ideally with experience conducting online academic literature searches. Demonstrable experience navigating the internet and using search engines would be ideal. Some relevant interaction with development related issues and data collection would be an asset.


Skills and Abilities:

Excellent oral and written communication skills to discuss and document research progress. Ability to work independently, accurately and to solve technical, technological and logistical issues that may arise during the course of locating resource materials. Sound organizational and interpersonal skills, resourceful and willing to learn to new methodologies. Must be comfortable working independently in an environment that fosters self-direction.


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