Today, both the public and private sectors grapple with devising and implementing inclusive and meaningful initiatives, policies, programs, and services that align with sustainable development goals and objectives. 

Build Capacities for Community and Institutional Development

In the Caribbean, community-based organizations are central to the creation of new knowledge and understanding. CADS focus on knowledge production that fosters the formation of inclusive community spaces that enable citizens to actively engage in and support responsive development.

Strategic Development 

Policy Development  

Stakeholder Engagement  

Assess organisational and institutional behaviour and environment 

Develop organisational capacities for networking, communication, management, leadership and service delivery,

Develop Institutional Capacity Development framework  

Defining Training Needs and Profiles 

Curriculum Design and Development   

Reviewing and Developing Capacity Systems   

Develop Productivity and Innovation

Increased productivity and innovation are critical for the Caribbean region.  At the same time, the region boasts a youthful and relatively educated population who are increasingly connected and entrepreneurial. This cluster identifies documentation that points to the competitive economic advantage, growth and investment opportunities that are both unique and timely for the Caribbean.

Comprehensive long-term innovation planning

Entrepreneurship and investment opportunities

Assessing Skills Gaps and mismatch skills

Skills Development

Creating Company/Business Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Streamline product/service development

Generate Quality Information Data and Statistics

Sound development policy, planning, and implementation depend on the availability, reliability, and regularity of quality data and information. This cluster sources and organizes some of the most recent and pertinent data and statistics for on development.

Statistical data management 

Data collection planning 

Data Input, Storage, Retrieval, and Preparation


Compilation and Analysis of Statistical Data

Data Analysis Techniques & Tools

Statistical Summary & Reporting

Investigate Citizen Insecurities and Vulnerabilities

This region faces significant levels of citizen insecurity. CADS looks at the many facets that enable persistent insecurity in the Caribbean. Each requires more understanding and deeper examination of the underlying issues that are likely to drive citizen insecurity and vulnerability in Caribbean communities.

Defining and Assessing vulnerabilities in legal systems

Assessing human health vulnerabilities

Understanding Risks within the workplace

Assessing Consumer Vulnerabilities

Vulnerable Populations and Safeguards


Social Protection for the poor, elderly, women, children, indigenous groups, etc.

Poverty Alleviation Assessments

Exposure to Vulnerabilities

Create Sustainable Livelihoods

All Caribbean states have embraced and signed on to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). To help fulfil our commitments towards achieving the SDGs by 2030, CADS helps our clients find and implement sustainable climate-ready solutions.  Knowledge production and its application can advance living standards in ways that reflect the diverse and unique resources of the Caribbean.

Climate & Sustainability

Biodiversity Management

Circular economy,


Sustainable agriculture and fisheries

Food and Water Security


Transition financing,

Sustainable Forest Management

Mitigating Climate Risks

Building Climate Resilient Infrastructure

Improve Good Governance, Accountability, And Transparency

Citizens of the Caribbean are increasingly voicing their expectations for open and transparent governments. This cluster promotes access to public spaces and processes that enable the public to assess the quality of governance, provision of services, and the formulation and implementation of policies that affect their lives.


sustainable and inclusive natural resource governance

Building more accountable local governance

Building inter-linkages key stakeholders


Equitable and sustainable outcomes for the poor and marginalized groups

Poverty Reduction

Gender Equity

Responding to Pandemic